Hello my name is COMOSETA
33 years old
Artistic Director - Illustrator freelance

Posed on a large dark mountain, with all these worms in the head which to slowly corrode my spirit or giving him some great ideas. It’s from there that kind all my monsters : scrawled or more or dark, hairy or tattooed reasons, disformes and twisted. My moods, my desires often drawing my universe which vary with the variability of my seasons. I like the accumulation of forms, objects and characters
who intersect as for better looking at themselves. The without spirits for example kind of worker of the lapse of memory where the eyes are only one opening on the vacuum of their life…The inspiration always comes from some share, or rather of people, there is of it much and they are varied. I’m fascinated by the time of Jugendstil with some artist like klimt, schiele, mucha... But that’s not a limited at this period, i like many many contemporary artists of things but I can’t give a exact list of names. Now to speak simply about my professional work and my life. I live in Douai in the north of France. I work since 1999 as graphic designer.
In 2003, I have create buro74 and I work in freelance as artistic director - illustrator. My customers come for the majority from the field cultural and institutional (chains of television, museums, ministries).
I work more particularly in the fields of multimedia, print and visual identity. I’m autodictat in the artistic and graphic field.

Krank magazin 2005
Konkrite 2007
Cut magazin 2006
Shooting 2008
Defish magazin 2006
Vblazin Magazine 2008
Belio magazin 2006
INKO1 2008
Latex for fun DVG 2007

2010 Le mois du blanc... le mois du noir... - Galery Art de Rien - Paris (France)
2010 The7deadlySins - Plátano Rock Festival - Santa Cruz de Tenerife/ Las Palmas
de Gran Canaria/ Madrid (Spain)
2010 School's out - Artoyz - Paris (France)
2010 Inventaire 5 - Galery Art de Rien - Paris (France)
2010 Ketos 2.1 - Civic Aquarium - Milan (Italy)
2010 Icônes - Galery Art de Rien - Paris (France)
2010 In Situ - Galery Ores - Lille (France)
2009 15.1 Detailles contemporãneos - TecMilenio Mexico City (Mexico)
2009 Whaleless - Temporary love - Rome (Italy)
2009 Maëlstrom II - Galery Ores - Lille (France)
2009 Whaleless - Strychnin Galery - Berlin (Germany)
2009 MyDoll - Toast Galery - Paris (France)
2009 Hypnos (serigraphy) - Hospice comtesse - Lille (France)
2009 Maëlstrom - Galery Art de Rien - Paris (France)
2009 Ink02 - Bilbaõ (Spain)
2008 Sparrows - Hudgraf galery - Kiev (Ukraine) / Moscou (Russia)
2008 Toy collective in Colette - Paris (France)
2008 Sketchel exhibition - Sydney (Australia)
2008 Freaks show - Paris (France)
2007 71 Project - Paris (France)
2007 Bic show - Paris (France)
2007 Zwe [toy exhibition] - Lille (France)
2007 Ghettopaper (toy exhibition) - Paris (France)
2007 Egotismo - Mexico city (Mexico)
2007 Latex for fun exhibition - Barcelona (Spain)
2007 Habian una vez una nino muerto - Barcelona (Spain)
2006 Old Toy - Who’s next - Paris (France)
2006 I Love Beer Mats - Alicante (Spain)
2006 Shin Tanaka, Paper Craft Exhibition - Berlin (Germany)